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Project Management

BIM is not simply 3D Computer Modelling...

Instead, it’s a way of managing the project process with all team members working to the same standards in order to achieve the desired end result from a time, cost and quality perspective.

BIM Strategy’s considerable experience as both Lead Architect and Project Managers enable us to adapt the design, development, and construction processes to suit the BIM environment.

In addition, our Information Managers (IM) act as vital and impartial consultants to the design team for the successful deployment of BIM Level 2 processes throughout the delivery of projects.

Information Managers

  • Help develop the EIR (Employers Information Requirement)
  • Manage the CDE (Common Data Environment)
  • Develop and execute the PIP (Project Information Plan) and/or AIP (Asset Information Plan)
  • Assist in the implementation of the BIM Protocols
  • Facilitate management of the federated model and various project outputs
  • Responsible for managing the operation, standards and coordination of the CDE
  • Update the MIDP (Master Information Delivery Plan)