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Building Modelling

We work closely with clients to identify their requirements and demonstrate the numerous uses BIM data have.

We can use a client’s early concept idea developed into a feasibility model from which geometry can be imported into various building analysis tools to assess fundamental elements, such as; building orientation, thermal analysis, wind analysis, daylight calculations, facade/ material studies.

This level of information, at such an early stage in the design, ensures clients are better informed about how their proposed building is likely to function and perform throughout its lifecycle.

For those with existing building assets, we can also survey and model existing buildings to produce a fully comprehensive AIM (Asset Information Model) enriched with all of the available existing performance data required to maintain the asset throughout its lifecycle.

The Benefits of Building Modelling

  • Virtual environments generated at any stage of the design.
  • Consistency in design and clear audit trails.
  • Improved collaborative working.
  • Design changes immediately reflected in models.
  • Elimination of uncertainties and improvement of quality.
  • Clash detection.
  • Building performance data.

What we can provide

  • Use of latest release of Autodesk Revit Architecture software.
  • Open source .IFC formats for complete compatibility with non Autodesk users.
  • Building performance analysis.
BIM: why and how?