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#BIMtees17 – Out with the old

19 Jun 2017

When the BIM Strategy team decided to set up our own event I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I was going to present at the inaugural #BIMtees17.  As one of the serial #ukBIMcrew presenters who’s popped up all over the place, I have years’ worth of knowledge and nonsense rich slides already set up to be dropped into a presentation at short notice.  However, for the birth of a new hashtag, the first BIM ever event in Darlington as far as we know, and with the noticeable change in the wind as BIM adoption powers into its early adopted phase, it was time to click File>New.

New slides. New opportunity. Minor epiphany!

My previous presentations had fallen into a formula that was required to help the concept of BIM cross the chasm to the point where the risk of failure is greatly reduced.

(80% What is BIM? + 15% Why it matters? + 5% How it’s done?) x (Zombie memes + Hobbits)

It’s time to move on from this accidental but successful formula despite one of my career highlights being the deadpan delivery of this slice of gibberish;

“Like all good evil wizards, Saruman loves an Asset Information Models”

A new formula was needed for a much-changed landscape where most people have heard of BIM, but the confusion is now higher than unawareness and the benefits of adopting BIM have become clouded by the hyperbolic marketing of the hundredth dimension of BIM technology.

I decided to go 50% why? and 50% how? and offered up the following advice on how to gain a consistent understanding of the what;

The feedback from the night was great, so now I’m busy downsizing the presentation for this Wednesday’s webinar which is open to all and will give an overview of the #BIMtees17 event and offer the chance to ask me some questions and I’ll do my best to answer them! Sign up here

Catch up with soon