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BIM: why and how?

BIM: why and how?

09 Jun 2017

BIM Strategy is now only days away from hosting a BIM focused event for local businesses and we can’t wait!

I’ve been quite a prolific presenter in recent years because I’m genuinely passionate about driving industry change. When asked to discuss a particular subject within the BIMosphere I prepare hard, travel to wherever, and give it my best shot.  This event is different.  Our event is born from my understanding of what the people on our guest list will get the most benefit from, and with the support of Digital City, ICE and the CIOB  we have an opportunity to share a lot of knowledge and make the evening a great success.

Another great thing about the event is that we are holding it in Darlington, not London, not Birmingham, not even Newcastle.   It’s very easy to forget there is a construction industry outside of the big cities, and there’s nothing about BIM that makes it more successful based on geography.  BIM Strategy and our sister business Niven Architects are passionate about the town we work in, and we work with excellent local project partners from across the Tees Valley delivering high-quality projects that often go under the radar.

The much-mooted Geordie BIM Crew is a real phenomenon.  We have a really great blend of skills, tech and academia spread across the region, despite only the Newcastle locals calling themselves Geordies. However, with such a mix of exciting elements, the BIM light burned bright and burned early up here, drawing a lot of attention – a few years ago there were at least a couple of BIM events each week.  With the exception of the all-out BIM bonanza that is BIM Show Live that vibe has fizzled out a little, and it wouldn’t be truthful to say this was because we’ve upskilled to Level 2 across the board.   We decided to see if we could recreate the knowledge sharing vibe and get things cooking again.

We sent the idea out to our contacts a few weeks ago to see if there was still an appetite to attend and support BIM events and were delighted with the positive response and before we knew it we’d nearly filled the biggest space in our building. We’ve even got a guest speaker for George Clarke’s newly formed Ministry Of Building Innovation joining us to share what they are bringing to the region.   If there are any seats left by Monday I’ll put them out on our social media platforms*.


*Update.  We have a limited number of seats left head here to sign up here with the password BIMtees17