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BIM - North of the Border

BIM – North of the Border

18 Nov 2016

I love Scotland. I love BIM. So when Scotland started to add their unique flavour to the BIM mandate scene I was understandably keen to get involved. Don’t misunderstand me, this didn’t happen yesterday, the BIM plan north of the border has been on the heat for 18mths or so, but now it’s coming to the boiling point where AEC businesses, procuring authorities and the professionals involved in making projects in Scotland happen need to get informed and make plans ahead of April 2017. If what you’ve just read has surprised you, you might be even more surprised that the adoption of Level 2 BIM on appropriate projects was set out by the Scottish Government over 3yrs ago…

There are some useful links at the end of this post but one of the best things you can do to kick start your BIM journey, or add to your knowledge, is to clear your diary on the 29th November and come hear from a great panel of folks who’ve been knee deep, or deeper, in BIM for the long haul at an event by Viewpoint Construction Software. Register here I’ll be on the panel later in the day offering insight gained from my own personal BIM adventure and answering as many questions as I can.

I often refer to myself as one of the good guys of BIM, and that’s not a marketing ploy, I genuinely want do as much good as I can for the construction industry and the people we serve with my career, so there are no silly questions; if you don’t want to ask your question in front of a room full of your peers please do stop me for a chat. But on that note, if you have a question there’s a pretty high chance plenty of others in the room would like to know the answer too.

Tweet me on @johnad25 or @BIMStrategy and tag #BIMinScotland to let me know if I’ll see you there?

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